How to Charge your smartphone faster

This is how you can charge your smartphone faster

You put your phone on charging before you go to bed. When you check back in the morning you realize that
you had not turned the switch “on”. Now you have to go on a trip and you are helpless. Is there any way to charge your phone at maximum speed so as to have sufficient battery level before leaving?

Well, there are some methods which can take the charging speed to turbo mode. In some of them you have to alter some settings and in some others you have to buy some stuff.

Trick 1: Put your phone into airplane mode while charging or turn it off

Yes! It works. Keeping your phone on airplane mode during its charging can boost the charging by almost 27%. While turning your phone off will take it to almost 39%. Note that these percentages are results based on experiments I’ve carried out on my own Android mobile.

Trick 2: Use battery saving mode:

Turn on the “battery saver” while charging to aid the charging speed. You can turn off unnecessary facilities manually if you do not want to get completely offline. For example you may want to turn off Bluetooth( people who own fitness trackers are often seen having their phone’s Bluetooth turned on for no reason). It is advisable to not use your phone at all when it is charging if you really want it to charge faster.

Some battery saving apps might also help.

Trick 3: Get the right charger

This is not necessary that the charger given with the phone by manufacturer is best for your phone. You can buy another with a better wattage, but make sure that your phone can withstand that and does not come up with the problem of overheating or catching fire.

There are some phones which support “fast charging” .For example phones with Qualcomm’s power system. But such phones need a good charger for utilising this feature. As not all such phones are shipped with a similarly capable charger.

Trick 4: Carry a small power bank

A great idea is to buy a power bank. A power bank will help you in charging your phone if you forgot to charge and also in cases where you’re in need but can’t find a charging point. Carrying one may save you from a lot of stress.

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Abhishek Awasthi
Abhishek Awasthi
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection -Mark Twain.


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