Child rebuked for extensive use of phone cuts his finger in a fit of rage

Many incidents have come to the fore where people have gone to the extreme lengths to do anything for their devices. For example, a recent incident where a man went on to sell his 18-month-old daughter to buy an iPhone or the woman who jumped into a freezing lake to retrieve her iPhone.

However, in a recent shocking episode a 11-year-old boy from Suzhou, China hacked off his finger after his dad rebuked him for spending all his time on the phone.

The child was depressed with his father who was continuously shouting at him for his extensive use of smartphone. The child’s parents disapproved his habit of being glued to the phone all the time, as they believed that he was setting a bad example for his 6-year-old brother.

On that fateful day, the father scolded the son after his mother complained him. After the verbal fight intensified, the child in a fit of anger snatched a knife and hacked off his left index finger. The injured child was rushed to the hospital with his severed finger where doctors again attached the finger. Howevrer, it will take at least a week for the doctors to be certain that the operation was a success.

The parents were naturally greatly shocked by the incident, as they did not anticipate their child to respond in this manner. This incident has left the parents more to worry about than their son’s extensive use of the phone. One hopes that this unfortunate episode would make the young one accept the fact that causing harm to oneself is not the right way to react for not being allowed to be glued to the phone all the time.


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