Facebook’s new tool automatically catches troll accounts

Facebook’s latest tool will automatically catch troll accounts and let users kill them

Facebook is working on a new feature that will automatically notify you if it finds out that another user is mimicking your account by using your name and profile photo. The social networking giant is looking to use this new tool to stop one source of nuisance on its platform.

When Facebook detects that your account is indeed trolling, you will be then asked to recognize if the profile in question is mimicking you by using your personal information, or if it just happens to be your doppelganger.

According to Mashable, even though the notification process is automated, each response is manually reviewed by Facebook’s team. The tool has been in the works since November 2015, and is now ready for release to about 75 percent of users of the world.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Head of Global Safety says that the company has plans to expand its availability in the near future. “We heard feedback prior to the roundtables and also at the roundtables that this was a point of concern for women,” Davis told Mashable. “And it’s a real point of concern for some women in certain regions of the world where it [impersonation] may have certain cultural or social ramifications.”

Davis said the impersonation alerts are part of on-going efforts to make women around the world feel more safe using Facebook. This could be a clever way to use its facial recognition feature found in Moments.

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