Anonymous bring down Denver City website to protest against fatal police firing

Anonymous DDoS City of Denver website to protest against police firing kills Damon

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous is yet after the police in United States. This time they brought down the city of Denver website after the police firing allegedly killed a man.

Members of the New World Hacking (NWH), one of Anonymous affiliates conducted a series of powerful distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against the city of Denver’s website ( last Friday afternoon, forcing the site to go offline for the rest of the day. The attacks continued the next day as well when they assaulted the Bank of Denver (

The attacks were carried by the NWH out to protest against the police shooting in which 39-year-old Dion Avila Damon was allegedly killed inside his parked car near the Denver Art Museum on April 12, 2016.

Damon had just dropped off his wife and child, when a police SWAT team pulled from behind and tried to serve a warrant for his arrest. However, the suspect was shot at least seven times through the front windshield with his wife and child nearby. Damon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Denver police chief in a press conference after the shooting said Damon was a suspect in a robbery case and that investigators did not conclude if Damon fired at the police or that he had a gun. Shots were fired as soon as police officers got out their vehicles, reported Unicorn Riot reporters from Denver.

In an interview with Fox News, Damon’s wife said that her husband dropped her off to pay a traffic fine at the local courthouse and that she told cops that her husband was unarmed when police arrived.

In an exclusive conversation with two of the NWH attackers (Sad Prophet and SinfulHazeCE) behind this attack, HackRead told that:

“We see how Denver police don’t care so if they don’t care about killing and innocent; we don’t care about continuous attacks on Denver.”

Further, depending on the response from Denver police department, the attackers also hinted at a database leak within a week or so. However, Fox news reported that police is investigating an officer-involved in the shooting.

For those unfamiliar, the NWH is the same group who claimed responsibility for shutting down Xbox online service, BBC news servers, HSBC UK’s online banking, the official website for Donald Trump’s election campaign, Salt Lake city Police and airport websites.

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