Anonymous Resume Operations in Italy By Hacking Italian Job Portals

Anonymous hack numerous Italian job-seeking portals and leak information online

To protest against the new labour laws in Italy, the duo  of Anonymous Italia and LulzSec ITA hacked several job-seeking portals and leaked personal details of CEOs, Managers and other employees of hotshot companies.

On Saturday, April 9, the hackers announced the leak as part of a new operation called #NessunDorma, which translated from Italian means “Nobody Sleeps.”

The hacktivists from Anonymous Italia and LulzSec ITA also defaced one of the employment agency’s websites and left a deface page along with the guy Fawkes logo. The groups also released a list of 45 employment agencies that were targeted during the operation.

The two groups began their operation as a warning to corporations activating in Italy. The first stage of the campaign was to raise awareness of the country’s complex conditions for local and foreign workers, against new labour laws and temporary employment agencies, corporations, unions and politicians.

The hacktivists are also unsatisfied with Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, and Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of Italy, who are preparing new laws that benefit corporations more than Italy’s working force.

According to the press release, “The new labour laws mean poor wage for workers, more profit for corporations and more government and union corruptions. In this case, billion Euros will be transferred to corporations and their allies. We know this is typical exploitation. We know government, corporations and unions don’t care workers. We are against this exploitation laws. We think we are able to protect our rights by struggle. We don’t want laws like Job Act.”

The hackers are demanding a minimum wage of €8 per hour and compulsory health insurance for Italy’s workers employed under a temporary contract.

According to Anonymous and LulzSec, their data dump contains four million records, of which 1.8 is actual user data, all amounting to 1.5 GB. They also claim to have half a million job-seeker evaluations and 7,000 contact details for major companies activating in Italy. While some of the details belong to Italian employment agencies, some of it doesn’t.

The data was published in six different archives hosted on file hosting service MEGA. When put together, all six files only hold 300 MB of data.

The little data that was checked by Softpedia reveals that each hacked website followed the same pattern, holding dumped data in HTML files, database info in TXT files, and optional screenshots of the admin panel in image format.

Hackers got all the aforementioned leaked details after breaching the server of Engitel, a Milan-based web agency providing e-commerce solution to the companies. Risk Based Security researchers claim that all these websites are related to each other, as they were built by Engitel. It has been reported that data from Engitel is also included in the leak.

Prior to this operation, Anonymous Italy had carried out DDoS attacks against various regional government Web portals because of Italy’s involvement in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project.

In addition, a sixteen-year-old teenager from Udine was arrested for launching DDoS attacks as part of the Anonymous #OpSafePharma campaign two weeks ago.

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