Apple to soon rename OS X to MacOS

Apple hints that OS X will soon become ‘MacOS’

It seems that Apple is getting ready to replace the name of its current desktop operating system to a different name. For more than a decade ago, OS X has been the name for Apple’s computer systems.

Recently, it was noted on Apple’s environmental website, which is created to honour Earth Day, makes reference to a “MacOS”, which given its name would seem to apply to Apple’s Mac computers.

According to the website, “To model customer use, we measure the power consumed by a product while it is running in a simulated scenario. Daily usage patterns are specific to each product and are a mixture of actual and modeled customer use data. Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for MacOS and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices.”

Apple could announce this change in June at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Now, over the last two years Apple has been moving towards a more unified naming scheme. It all started when it launched the Apple Watch, which had a clear and brief branding removing the ‘i’ branding which Apple used between the late 90’s till 2014.

Initially, in this period OS X was called Mac OS X and then in 2012 with the launch of Mountain Lion, Apple dropped the Mac out of the terminology.

Some of Apple’s newer products have very clear branding. On the other hand, the names Apple uses for their other operating systems, such as the iPhone OS is called iOS, the Apple TV OS is called tvOS and the Apple Watch OS is called WatchOS. Hence, MacOS sounds like a logical advancement of the operating system terminology.

In fact, Apple till the late 90’s used to use the name MacOS way back. It was the name of the operating system since its inception in the 80’s. Apple changed the name to OS X after a revamped operating system was released on the basis of NeXT technology, which the company took over in the mid-90s.

If new name for OS X falls in place, then the only operating system that is left behind with an ‘i’ branding would be its mobile operating system called iOS, which powers the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

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