This creepy cop hacked into a baby webcam to spy on nude mother

Creepy cop used her fiancé’s confiscated iPhone to spy on a mother via nanny cam as she nursed her baby

The world is filled with creepy sods who do awfully god forsaken things to fulfill their wild fetishes. One such case has come to a light where a creepy cop hacked into a baby’s webcam to spy on its nude mother breastfeeding the baby.

These shocking allegations are detailed in a lawsuit filed by Megan Pearce, who accuses officer Michael Emmi of turning into a peeping tom after arresting her fiance.

According the documents filed in the court, Pearce was nude and breastfeeding in her nursery when she saw the nanny cam’s green light flash on. This triggered something in Pearce’s brain and quickly realized someone was watching her. She surmised that only three devices could access her camera: her iPhone, her iPad and the cellphone of her fiancé, who was in jail on a marijuana charge.

Pearce activated the “Find my iPhone” function for her fiance’s mobile and was horrified: The cellphone’s location allegedly matched the home of a Hazel Park police officer.

Jonathan Marko, an attorney for Pearce, called the alleged creeping “a huge breach of the public trust.” “It could be any one of us,” Marko told The Daily Beast. “The idea that a police officer that’s sworn to serve and protect would invade our privacy and watch us in our most intimate moments is terrifying.”

Pearce said she was “shocked devastated and sad” over the alleged spying by Emmi, a 15-year veteran of the Hazel Park police force, the Detroit News reported.

At a news conference, Pearce said it was “very difficult” to make accusations against a fellow law enforcement officer. But she said her legal action is “absolutely necessary to take this action to prevent this from happening to any future individuals,” according to the News.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, accuses Emmi of violating the Fourth Amendment, federal wiretapping laws, and state laws on invasion of privacy and eavesdropping.

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