This Raspberry Pi-enabled Game Boy can run almost any retro game

There are many different emulators out there in the market that lets you play the classic Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy variety on it. But do you miss the look and feel of the original Game Boy?

Well, YouTuber Wermy has an answer. He has come up with a Game Boy Zero mod that does it all. His Game Boy Zero modification uses a Raspberry Pi Zero, a modified game cartridge and a fair amount of drilling to imitate classic NES, SNES and the Gameboy’s many iterations all up to and including Advanced, while at the same time preserving majority of the original Game Boy’s look and feel. On the outset, in addition to a 3.5-inch color display that brings it up to par with the more modern Nintendo machines, there are also two more buttons added to the original A and B pressers.

No detailed instructions are available, but the hardware hack is relatively easy due to the nature of the design. It requires a Raspberry Pi Zero, an SD memory card slot (in the cartridge), and a lithium-ion battery which will then be integrated into the shell of a Game Boy. Additionally, the mod adds USB charging, a much improved rechargeable battery, and a mini HDMI output in case you want to play these games on a larger screen.

For those who are interested in electronics and wish to recreate the classic Game Boy can check YouTube comments for help where the creator has uploaded the video.

You can also see the step by step tutorial on Imgur here.