Get The Samsung’s ‘Always On Display’ On Any Android Smartphone

Here is how you can get Samsung’s ‘Always On Display’ on any Android smartphone/tablet

One of the most interesting features on the Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is the AOD (Always on Display). Always on Display has never been seen in on any previously manufactured smartphones so many other smartphone users may wish that be incorporated in their model.

This new feature has been integrated in its latest devices to keep the user constantly updated. For instance, the date and time can be checked with ease without waking up the phone and it is quicker to keep track of new calls and messages. All of this information can be kept visible at all times, even when the screen is off.

To ensure that AOD doesn’t waste too much battery, Samsung has applied a new hardware algorithm by the name of Smart Power Saving, which adjusts the rate of power usage according to the phone’s status, i.e. whether it is in use or sleep mode.

As a result, the hardware aspect of the device is impossible to emulate on any other device. However, thanks to the development team at THSoftware, they have created a battery-friendly app that can now get Samsung’s ‘Always On Display’ feature on almost any device.

AMOLED vs. LCD Displays

Before you get started, it is very important to note that the type of display your phone uses is a major factor here. The widget this app displays is just white on a black background. This means that only the white pixels will use any battery, if you have an AMOLED screen.

If you have a traditional LCD display, on the other hand, these types of screens require the entire backlight be lit up before they start to display anything. However, this will use a lot of extra battery power. Hence, it is suggested that you use this app only, if your device has an AMOLED screen.

Step 1: Install Glance Plus

This app will give you Samsung’s ‘Always On Display’ feature without using up too much of your battery.

Step 2: Enable Glance Plus

After launching Glance Plus, you will be first asked to provide the app permission to make changes to the system settings. Therefore, enable the toggle switch on this screen, and relaunch the app again. From here, enable the toggle switch at the top of Glance Plus’ main menu to turn the ‘Always On Display’ feature on.

Step 4: Alter Power-Saving Options

Once the main elements are added to your ‘Always On Display’ widget, the next thing to do is adjust battery-saving options, which can be found under the Features section.


By default, Glance Plus will come on when your screen is turned off, but it will fade away after 2 minutes. However, if you wish to let it remain for longer under certain circumstances, select the “Always on” option, and set it to “When charge.” Besides this, using the “Inactive hours” option, you can set Glance to not display its widget at certain times. By enabling the “Detect phone in pocket” option, you can have it use your device’s proximity sensor as an automatic on/off switch.

Step 5: Alter Appearance Options

Under the Other settings header, you can adjust some of the Glance Plus widget’s font size and brightness. It is suggested that the “Background brightness” slider alone, as increasing this can cause additional battery drain. However, if you wish the widget to be brighter, raise only the “Content brightness” slider.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Always-On Display

With everything set up, you can now check your ‘Always On Display.’ Just turn your screen off at any time, the widget will appear. From there, just tap the screen anywhere, and you will be greeted by your stock lock screen.

There you have it! A Samsung Galaxy S7 like always-on Display on your Android smartphone.

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