ISIS hackers join hands to create mega hacking group

ISIS hackers form a mega hacking group called United Cyber Caliphate (UCC)

Different ISIS hackers and their affliates who have been actively hacking websites and defacing them with ISIS propaganda are merging together. Telegram, which is the preferred medium for ISIS hackers is being used to merge these different hacking groups into one formidable hacking command center.

Messages posted on the official ISIS social media accounts and Telegram reveal that the new mega hacking unit will be called the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC).

The UCC comprises of Cyber Caliphate Army (CCA), ISIS’s main hacking unit, and other pro-ISIS groups like Sons Caliphate Army (SCA) and Kalacnikov.TN (KTN).

The formation of the new hacking unit comes on back of another such merger in January 2016 when AnonGhost and CCA merged forces to take on western cyber interests. The pro-Palestinian hacking group AnonGhost which was Anonymous affiliate distanced itself from them after Anonymous had announced #OpISIS after ISIS had killed 11 bystanders at Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris.

Now the mega merger of ISIS hackers is a special worry for United States which is their premier enemy. After the mega merger, UCC hackers claimed they’ve hacked the US State Department and leaked info on 50 staff members, ran a mass defacement campaign against Australian websites, defaced the Russian Federal Customs Service, and leaked information on 18,000 employees of the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation.

The group also ran a second mass defacement campaign using the “#KillCrusaders” tag and continued its anti-Christians campaign when it defaced the website of a Michigan church last week, leaving an ISIS propaganda message behind.

The biggest data breach since UCC formed also happened last week when the group posted the names and addresses of 3,602 of the “most important citizens of #NewYork and #Brooklyn,” asking ISIS sympathizers to use the information and carry out lone wolf attacks.

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