Rapper catches hacker selling his stolen music, humiliates him on video

Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert catches hacker selling his music illegally, humiliates him on a video

Hacking and leaking films or albums is quite commonplace now a days, but here a first time a rapper has actually caught the hacker doing so.

Lil Uzi Vert, rapper of ‘Luv is Rage’ fame, posted an Instagram video of him tracking down an alleged hacker who apparently stole and sold his ‘Luv is Rage’ album. The Instagram post has since been deleted but the video as well as the accompanying caption has been captured by The Shade Room as well as by PMWHipHop.com.

The video posted by them seems authentic according to sources however Techworm could not authenticate it. The voice behind the camera does sound like Uzi, further evidence pointing toward the authenticity of the video.

Strong language, view with discretion


In the video clip which features only Uzi’s voice, the hacker is made to do embarrassing things and gets a rather mouthful of choicest swear words.

In the caption space, the “Luv Is Rage” rhymer accused the hacker of illegally selling his music, just because he didn’t get a quick enough response on Instagram. Uzi also said the guy in the video hacked other artists too.

“Everybody, this is a lil’ nerd hiding hacker,” he wrote.

Uzi claims that he located the hacker because he allegedly tried to sell a leaked Uzi song to someone in Philadelphia. “I found him, ’cause he sold a leak song to somebody in my city. He said ‘I hacked your Instagram, ’cause you ain’t answer me when I tried to contact you’ … Went through his phone, had my s— and a lot of other rapper’s info. This s— was crazy … He ratted on the rest of ya’ll.

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