Someone got their Windows 10 Mobile phone to work with their in-car display

Windows 10 Mobile can only work on your car’s display if you possess a little know how regarding your car’s internal system. One car owner by the name of Matthew Johnston possessed an HDMI port in the car’s display, and he was able to hook up a Windows 10 Mobile phone and have it work on that screen.

After he was successfully able to perform the hack, Matthew Johnson quickly went to Twitter and informed the public of his latest feat. Using a Pioneer in-car display, connecting a phone to its HDMI-in port seems to make this hack possible.

Unfortunately, the only drawback to this is that Johnson has reported that the display is not a touchscreen, so he will not be able to access all the features that you get while using a physical Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. However, if the right hardware is present inside vehicles, then you will actually be able to use Windows Continuum.

Microsoft should really give some thought of branching out its Windows 10 Mobile OS to vehicles the same way that Android and iOS have done. It will take a fair bit of work, but Microsoft’s forte for all these years has always been software.