15 year-old boy sustains bullet injury in the head while taking ‘selfie’ with a gun

That ultimate selfie hunt, 15-year-old boy shoots self in Pathankot, lands in hospital

The ultimate Selfie fever is spreading like an epidemic among smartphone users around the world. The statistics reveal that teenagers do god awful things to get that perfect selfie and India is no different.

We have had a teen being swept under the train in China, when she tried to take a selfie in front of a passing train. In another case, 5 tourists were injured in the vacation state of Goa in India when they tried to take the ultimate selfie over a dangerous cliff.

Continuing with the ultimate selfie fever, a 15-year-old boy sustained bullet injury in his head while taking selfie with a revolver pointed at his head at his home in Pathankot, India.

The unfortunate incident occurred last night when the teenager called Ramandeep was trying to take a selfie on his mobile phone with the licensed .32 bore revolver while pointing the weapon to his head. In the haste of taking the ultimate selfie, Ramandeep actually pulled the trigger and severely injured himself.

With bullet stuck in his head, critically injured Ramandeep Singh was shifted to a hospital in Ludhiana, where he is under treatment.

The revolver belonged to Ramandeep’s father Gurkirpal Singh who is a property dealer. “As per statement given by his father, Ramandeep sustained bullet injury while taking selfie with a revolver and the shot got accidentally fired,” the local police official said.

At the time of the incident, Ramandeep’s mother and other family members were present at home, he said. “We shall try to record Ramandeep’s statement as and when he is fit, to find out what actually happened last night. We shall also ask family’s neighbours about incident,” the DSP said.

Lets hope that smartphone users dont fall into the ultimate selfie trap and endanger themselves as well as others in future.

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