6 scary things hackers will do if they hack into your smartphone

Here are the 6 scary things hackers can do if they hack your smartphone

We have been giving a lot of articles about hackers exploiting a flaw or using some other method to hack. Most of the articles that we carry contain world like arbitrary execution of code or remote takeover but what really happens if a hacker hacks into your smartphone.

Hackers primarily target smartphone or any other gadget to make money. Except for the government hackers, all hackers have only one goal, to make money. They will be after your personal information, banking logins and passwords and credit card numbers.

But here are six other terrifying hacks for you to get paranoid about:

#1. Hackers can eavesdrop on your calls

Hackers can spy on you 24×7. Using fake cellular base stations, hackers can intercept, listen to, and even record your voice calls. They can also install spying Apps on your smartphones and spy on your calls, messages and view the images in your album.

#2. Hackers can hold your phone ransom

Now a days, the latest rage is ransomware. Hackers can infect your smartphone with ransomware and hold it for ransom till you pay for it. This hack can seriously disrupt your phone, holding it on lock down so that you can’t even use it until you pay the ransom. Often this includes blackmailing you with threats to report you to the FBI/authorities for possession of child pornography.

#3. Hackers can make 3D map of your house or location

It all starts with a innocuous looking app that you install on your smartphone. The app may be a hidden spy cam and can take photographs of your surroundings throughout the day. This can include sensitive images like your computer screen, your documents, or your checks. But what’s even creepier is that the hackers can use collections of images of your environment to create composite images that give them a 3D map to your home or office.

The technology is called PlaceRaider, and was developed by the U.S. military. But, now a days, it is being used by cyber criminals to perfection.

#4. Hackers know what you are typing

Using the sensors on your smartphones tilt detector – the feature that flips your browser when you turn your phone on its side – hackers can detect the vibrations of your finger tapping your computer keyboard, then use mathematical algorithms to calculate which keys you are typing. In this way they can record your chats and emails and even your passwords.

#5. Hackers can use your phone to hack other people

Hackers can use radio signals to command your Siri/Google Now/Cortana to do unwanted things.  They can also use your smartphone to send spam and malware to other users. This masks their trail but points law enforcement in your direction.

#6. The NSA can hack your smartphone

We have listed the 5 ugly things that normal cyber criminals can do but what about the big daddy, NSA. The leaked Snowden documents revealed that the United States snooping agency, National Security Agency has assigned teams to investigate how to hack all major smartphone brands and operating systems. iPhone, Blackberry, and Android are all vulnerable. The NSA can access your contact lists, text messages, notes, and personal information.

Phones are getting smart – and hackers, unfortunately, are getting even smarter.

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