How to Add Flash To Your Front Camera To Take Photo at Night

Almost all smartphones including iPhones come with super cameras on the front to take selfies in the day. However lack of flash on front cameras makes it difficult to take good images at night. Here are some Apps which will add flash to your front camera and help you take those beautiful and viral selfies.

How to add flash to your Android smartphone front camera to take photos at night

#1 Front Flash

Front Flash works as the name indicates. This front camera flash app will illuminate your mobile phone screen to brighten up the portion and add those extra lumens at night time.


Android smartphone owners can take help of this App to click clear images at night as show in the image above.

#2 Snapchat

All of you probably used Snapchat for its destructible message features. You probably dont know that Snapchat App has a built-in feature to help you take images with front camera at night time.


You can use the Snapchat low-light camera mode, which is symbolized by the moon icon near the camera flash, to take clear images at night.

#3 BestMe Selfie Camera

Here is another dedicated selfie App for your Android smartphones.


With this app, you can make changes to your selfie photos and upload it on your social profiles. This is considered as one of the best selfie photo editor app for Android smartphones.

How to add flash to your iPhone and iOS devices front camera to take photos at night

#1 Selfshot – Front Flash Camera

Selfshot is the most popular App on Apple iTunes store which helps you take better photos at night.


Download Selfshot App and use the awesome front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad to take selfies and videos in dark.

#2 Take Selfies FREE – With Front Flash In Low-Light

This App for your iPhone and iPad helps you to take beautiful selfies no matter how dark it is.


Take Selfies Free works easily with your front camera, even in low light. This is also the only selfie App with a built in timer so you can get your pose perfect for those awesome social media updates.

#3 Snapchat

Like Snapchat for Android smartphones, Snapchat for iOS devices also provides the feature to take awesome selfies at night.


Snapchat’s low-light camera mode, which is symbolized by the moon icon near the camera flash, is meant to help you take better photos at night or in poor light.

Adding a flash for selfies at night

Another way to take good selfies at night is to add a external flash to your smartphone.


Such flash lights for night time selfies are available on Amazon in all countries. You have to buy Selfie Flashlight from Amazon and plug this device to your headphone jack. Using this, you will be able to capture clear selfies at night time on your Android smartphones.