Anonymous say The Humanity Party is fake and using their name for votes

The Humanity Party is a fake seeking vote in our name, says Anonymous

With the US presidential elections underway, the fight to get the votes is hotting up. One such party is The Humanity Party which claims to be the offshoot of Anonymous and is seeking votes in the name of Anonymous.

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has taken a strong opposition to this claim and have said that The Humanity Party have nothing to do with the hacktivist group. According to Anonymous, The Humanity Party is just a front of Christopher M Nemelka, who seeks votes in the name of goodwill generated by Anonymous is U.S.A.

An Anonymous arm has already doxxed Nemelka and published his details online. Anonymous claims that Nemelka is not an Anonymous member but actually pushing Mormon agenda behind all the facade.

The Anonymous have also said that the upcoming LDS Temple Symposium to be hosted by Nemelka is a indication of his true aim behind The Humanity Party.

From Anonymous 4 Justice website :

“Christopher Nemelka will conduct a symposium this Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake City Main Library on his interpretation of the meaning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ temple endowment.—
Nemelka says he is “the world’s foremost expert on Joseph Smith and Mormonism,” claiming “there is no other person on this earth who knows Joseph Smith and his true history as I do.”
Along with claiming to have translated the “sealed portion” of the Book of Mormon, Nemelka has written a biography of Joseph Smith called Without Disclosing My True Identity. Nemelka says he is Joseph’s brother Hyrum, reincarnated, and claims Joseph Smith has regularly visited him.
He says in an e-mail that his intention behind the symposium is to get public feedback on a video he has prepared about what goes on in LDS temples.”

The website also claims that AnonHQ is by no means the official news portal of the Anonymous group, is allegedly supporting The Humanity Party.

There have been murmurs in the Anonymous rank and file over US elections and presidential candidate they should support. While it is well within the individual’s right to support any candidate, the Anonymous frowns upon lending their name to any candidate. Anonymous members are beginning to notice and are reacting. In a statement released at the start of February, the group bluntly calls out what others have only speculated.

“It has come to our attention that government agents are acting as Anonymous impostors, and that fake anon’s are using the name of Anonymous to profit financially, spreading political propaganda, favor political parties, using the Anonymous name as their means for revenge attacks on individuals and to create false Anonymous operations,” the Anon Intel Group wrote on their site. Other groups also joined their campaign.

Coming back to The Humanity Party, Anonymous warns that, “they have NOTHING to do with the real Anonymous and these people are FAKE they are using the name of Anonymous for political and financial gain.”


  1. To the Journalist called VIJAY PRABHU watch the intro video posted by The Humanity Party®

    Hey if your going to post out information then PLEASE by all means get your information correct. Let us point you to the actual links so you can decide if you are Anonymous and supports all of mankind… Come to the source we invite you with open arms. In fact we publicly announce a $10,000.00 cash award if you can confound the Voice of Anonymous™ You can follow on twitter at #THUMPVOA

    This is NOT a fake movement.. Fake movements are the rogue wolves in sheeps clothing who do not make a positive impact in this world. We have real solutions and challenge any PHD Doctor, Economist, Journalist, Critic, Scientist, Politician anyone who thinks they are smart and learned and practice the philosophies of men basically the knowledge that has never created peace in this world.

    Official Press Release!

    Twitter Account of the Official Voice of Anonymous™

    THE VOICE OF ANONYMOUS official appearance and statement:

    Confession from Christopher Nemelka!


    To all you other ANONS we support you to have the right to do what ever you like. You have the free agency to create havoc or chaos or join us for peace and real solutions that you do not have, nor have even considered. You know and understand the problems very well but Anonymous has now stood up for truth and justice not only for the 99% but for all of Humanity! We DO NOT CONDONE a world or “NEW WORLD ORDER” as promoted by conspiracy theorists. We have a plan all of Humanity including our so called Critics!

    Peace my brothers and sisters! Challenge the Voice of Anonymous™ and see why they represent the Humanity Party in challenging the so called knowledge of the learned ones…. Claim the $10,000 challenge given to anyone who would like to challenge the solutions we have. 🙂 VIJAY PRABHU contact us personally for your challenge and interview today [email protected] then compare us to the jokers that you decided to publish and see who makes “REAL SENSE and have REAL SOLUTIONS my dear journalist friend” Good day….

  2. These are horrible sources. Kindergarten level manipulation can make Gandhi look evil to an uninformed people. Please research, think, and properly decide upon those moments which define an age. Election day is but one day out of 1,244 days, but decides all too much of the next 1,243 for it to be taken lightly. Coming from a 21 year-old, who with my wife, put in well over 60 hours of work a week only to struggle for survival in low income housing. I want my newborn twins to have better than this.

    • We must continue to see ourselves, no matter our status, as another human upon this earth. We did ask to be born, but now that we are here, we intend to live fully. With Liberty and Justice for all, we are human. We are fighting, without bloodshed. We are Anonymous.


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