Anonymous Targets Denver Mayor For His Ill Treatment To Homeless

Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ to warns Denver Mayor for his ill treatment of homeless

This is not the first time, the global hacktivist group is taking aim at perceived social inequalities and neither will it be the last. Now the hacktivist group Anonymous in a hallmark operation (#OpBlackBook), has warned the Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to stop massive sweeps of homeless camps in the city.

In a video posted to YouTube yesterday, the hackers are seen requesting the mayor to stop the homeless sweeps that have put the lives of many of Denver’s displaced citizens in danger.

“Greetings Mayor Michael Hancock, we have been waiting for you to respond for our most recent request, but we find ourselves growing impatient with your foot dragging,” said the person in the Anonymous video.

Recently, Mayor Hancock had approved a ban on illegal camping sites across Denver and city workers have been taking down any shacks or places where Denver’s destitute were finding shelter.

In the video, the group demands that the mayor “restore the rights of the homeless” and “resign as an elected official” even as it promises to uncover proof that Hancock was a customer of a prostitution ring associated with Denver Players, a scandal that crested right around the time of his 2011 election.

The video says, “We plan to expose what has been hidden for years. With the powers of Anonymous bearing down on you and your corrupt cronies, it’s only a matter of time until we uncover the dirt you been trying to hide from the community you lied your way into leading, from the depths of your closet. No skeleton will be left unturned.”

While the allegations were never proven to be true, Anonymous says it was because city officials had interfered and asked the local media to ignore stories on this matter.

Anonymous has already leaked scanned pages from the alleged Denver Players Club black book, along with a series of links from various US media sources, prior to being muzzled.

In the video, the group asks for the city to cancel the camping ban and homeless sweeps and finally asks the mayor to step down.

“We are now asking for you to restore the rights of the homeless, nay, demanding, and resign as an elected official,” the group says. “You have failed to protect those in vulnerable living conditions, you have failed your civic and moral duties as a public official, and you have failed those you purport to govern in your continual lapse of honesty.”

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