If you want to increase data transfer speeds, look into these faster options for copying your files

Microsoft Windows has its own file transfer utility and if you possess a combination of SSDs and mechanical hard drives in your computer system then you will obviously will be able to notice a huge speed bump. However, what if we told you that there you could copy your files faster through the use of third-party applications? Currently, there are three different programs that you can take advantage of that will help you to copy your files faster:

One reason as to why we are recommending all of these is that according to Softpedia, all of them are capable of using the OS buffer size to reduce task time when performing operations between different hard disks. Coming to TeraCopy; after it has been installed the application gets integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer.

The same operation is carried out by UItracopier, which takes over the copy and moves operations that are normally performed by Windows Explorer. However, this operation will continue to remain unsuccessful if you use a different file transfer tool, so make sure that you have a single program installed, before you proceed.

FastCopy on the other hand, has less intuitive options than the previous two, and if you are the kind of user who has absolutely no issue in configuring the settings to your liking, then this program is definitely for you. Even after the installation has been completed, it doesn’t automatically get integrated into the context menu. Instead, you can do this by launching FastCopy with Administrator rights and in the next step, go to Option -> Extensions -> Shell Extension.

The download links of all three programs have been stated above so check those out if you’re tired of experiencing low data transfer speeds using the default tool on Microsoft Windows.