RAM Power : G.Skill’s Trident Z overclocked at mindblowing 5000 MHz

Gaming RAM are meant to be overclocked but some guys just love to go beyond the limits of overclocking. The component that was stressed today to achieve a new overclocking record was the G.Skill Trident Z gaming RAM. The gaming RAM comprised up on a single DIMM module of 4GB. You have to be aware that a single DIMM module has the capability to reach a higher overclocking speed because several modules will result in more instability.


Regardless, the single RAM module is able to reach a speed of 5,0002MHz, breaking the previous world record of 4,901.6MHz. The timings of the gaming RAM were 31-31-31-63-2 and the stock frequency of the RAM was 2,133MHz, meaning that the new overclocking record achieved resulted in a 134.5 percent margin. The remainder of the components that made up the entire machine comprised of an Intel Core i5-6600K processor, and an MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC motherboard.


You can check out all the screenshots for validation, but to us, this definitely looks like a new overclocking record has been achieved. Kudos to the guys who wanted to break the original frequency score.

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