If you want to use Google Daydream VR, you will have to make your own headsets

Google’s new virtual reality platform Daydream is expected to become the best smartphone-based VR experience. However, it looks like Google might have shot itself in the foot by not giving Daydream VR developers their due. As of right now, the Daydream VR headset is just a concept that looks extremely appealing on a piece of paper.

What is even more important to note here is that on Google’s developer website, VR app developers will need to piece together their own developer kit from existing parts, including a Nexus 6P smartphone, which carries a price tag of $499. However, the tech giant has warned that the hardware present inside the 5.7-inch handset might not be able to deliver the much needed performance in order to experience VR content effortlessly.

Instead of being provided with the official Daydream headset and motion controller, developers will also need to simulate them too. For that, they’ll need to purchase an existing VR viewer, such as Google’s Cardboard, to fit around the Nexus 6P. Additionally, they’ll need a second phone to serve in place of the controller, by installing a Daydream controller emulator on it.

Google expects that the real Daydream headset and controller, along with the first Daydream-ready phones from partners including Samsung, LG and HTC, will be available this fall. However, for consumers, it might not become the best of situations since those who have not upgraded their devices might have to spend a lot of money in order to experience the Daydream VR platform.



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