Inno3D shows off its new GeForce GTX 1080 iChiLL cooler series

Inno3D’s new GEForce GTX 1080 iChill coolers are super cool

Inno3D has decided to tease its custom cooler, which is going to reduce the temperatures of both NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 graphic cards by a much larger margin. While these products might be more expensive than the ones that feature stock coolers on them, you cannot deny their impressive cooling performance.


Starting off, the new iChiLL cooler possesses three 92mm super silent fans. Apart from this, users can also opt to install a 4th fan featuring a 500mm size in order to maximize cooling on a smaller surface area. 50mm fans normally have a much higher RPM compared to those larger fans so they will be able to reduce the temperature of a component over a smaller surface area. However, the fans are not the only thing that are going to help in reducing the temperature of both GPUs.


There are integrated copper heat pipes and 123 aluminum cooling fins that will reduce temperatures even further. Ken Wong, the Product Manager at Inno3D managed to compliment the company’s custom coolers as he states the following:

“Heat production has been the major drawback for high end graphics cards and we have found ways to further optimize and improve our overall top solution under our iChiLL label and built to bring out the best of NVIDIA’s consumer products. And the beauty of it is that the new release of our iChiLL products does not increase cost nor will it increase our MSRP for the end customer.”

In total, there are going to be two models; the X3 model will have three fans while the X4 model will have four fans. VideoCardz reports that LED illumination is also going to be a part of the graphic cards, making them appealing to all those who take a glance towards the computer casing of the owner. The customer cooler from Inno3D will feature an 8+6 pin power connector, which will consume more power but will also provide more overclocking capability to the owner in order to maximum the number of frames gained in extremely graphically intensive video games.

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