iOS vs Android N : Here is why you will ditch iPhone for an Android N Smartphone

Google’s Android N with five new features wins the decade old fight against Apple’s iOS

At some point in your online life, you surely have been a part of the great fight between which smartphone is better. Google fanboys will say Android while Apple fanboys will swear by iPhone and its operating system. You may have your own views about which is better but Google’s upcoming Android N brings something to table that Apple’s iOS doesnt have.

Most of iPhone users out there will agree that Apple has been a tad slow in giving out new features vis-a-vis the spate of iPhone launches it has done. Even the purists say that most of the later iPhones are but rehashed versions. On the other hand, Google has been going all out to bring more and more features to its Android operating system. It is ably aided in this pursuit by the million strong Android developers army. Android N seems to be a net result of all the feedback that Google gets from its users and developers.

Here are five new features in Android N which you may sorely miss in an iPhone

Android N “Instant App Launcher”

“Instant App Launcher” is the new feature by Google that almost all Android users will like. The new feature in Google Play Store allows Android smartphone owners a chance to test-drive some apps without even installing them first. Imagine instead of downloading those MBs and GBs only to uninstall the App later. Now, Android users can just try out the App or Game before downloading it. This idea is alien to iPhone owners as Apple has not updated iTune features other than the UI for a long time. This was also one of the prime demands of the Android developer community which Google has acceded to.

Android N supports multi-window

Android N scores over iOS again. Apple’s new iOS 9 allows users to split the view but only in iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Android N will give this functionality to all devices including tablets. Also, Android N is much more user-friendly with multi-window feature being introduced to all Android smartphones and tablets. It is a convenient feature since users can open two apps at the same time and interactively drag-drop between both screens.

Android N to have native “VR Mode” support

All of our readers will agree to the fact that Virtual Reality is a Google baby. It is also equally true that the future smartphone market will actually be dominated by VR, be it hardware, Apps or games. Android N takes Google’s VR efforts further by incorporating it natively. VR Mode in Android N is designed to provide maximum VR experience in Android smartphones. Being natively available means that it does not depend on the smartphone manufacturer.  It can display pixels, read sensors, and give users better visual experience.

Android N “Quick Setting”

Android N gives a serious fight to the Control Center feature in iOS. iPhone users can implement only a limited number of app shortcuts with iOS Control Center feature but Android N will give users unlimited options. The Android N “Quick Setting” lets users to customize and rearrange shortcuts, plus, removing the unused apps in one tap. In addition, “Quick Settings” allow Android users to have more than one page of shortcuts.

Background System Updates

Never again will you have to wait for those 15 minutes for your smartphone to update while you sulk. Android N brings to table what all smartphone users want, instant updates.  According to Google, Android N, updates will work like they do in Chrome OS. They’ll be downloaded in the background over Wi-Fi connection and they’ll be applied instantly when the phone reboots because they’re installed as separate system images.

From Google’s documentation:

Android N also adds some important new features to help keep users safer and more secure. Inspired by how Chromebooks apply updates, we’re introducing seamless updates, so that new Android devices built on N can install system updates in the background. This means that the next time a user powers up their device, new devices can automatically and seamlessly switch into the new updated system image.

Up to now both Android and iOS users had to deal with the popup message to update their smartphones. After acknowledging the update, they had to wait till the installer installed the update, optimised the Apps and did other nuts and bolts thingy before you could access your iPhone or Android Smartphone. The background instant update in Android N is sure to be a game changer which iPhone users will rue not having.

Now you will agree with me that Android N is a winner in the decade old iOS vs Android fight, wont you?

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