Microsoft makes one last deceptive effort to upgrade you to Windows 10

Dont get surprised if your PC just upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft ‘force update’ making last ditch effort to forcibly move you to its latest operating system

Dont be surprised when you see the Windows update manager in your Windows 7/8.1 powered PC/laptop suddenly starts upgrading to Windows 10 without even asking you. News is that Microsoft is making last ditch attempt to make Windows 7/8.1 users upgrade to Windows 10.

It looks like with the July, 29 date for free Windows 10 update for Windows 7/8.1 users approaching fast and Microsoft is not finding any new takers for its latest OS iteration. Therefore the head honchos at Redmond have decided to launch one last aggressive push aimed at getting as many folks to update to Windows 10 as it possibly can, before the expiration of its free upgrade offer.

The ‘force update’ news was first reported by Computerworld, which found out that Microsoft has switched the offered Windows 10 download to a “Recommended” upgrade that will automatically install itself unless the user intervenes.

“As we shared in October, Windows 10 will be offered as a ‘Recommended’ update for Windows 7 and 8.1 customers whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept ‘Recommended’ updates,” said a spokesperson for Microsoft in an email to Computerworld.

Another tech website, CNET also found similar ‘force upgrade’ happening. CNET reported that for some users of Windows 7 and 8, Windows is auto-scheduling a date and time to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s much like how Windows forces regular updates on users, only in this case, you’re not getting some security patches — you’re being forcibly upgraded to an entirely new operating system.


As you can see from the above image, Microsoft has not given any option to users to cancel the upgrade. Even if you click the (X) on the message, Microsoft will take it as a approval and start downloading Windows 10 against your wishes. “If you click on OK or on the red ‘X’, you’re all set for the upgrade and there is nothing further to do,” Microsoft states in a support document for the GSX app.

For those users who see the new upgrade schedule notice, the only way to reject the Windows 10 download is to click the link where it says “Click here to change the upgrade schedule or cancel schedule upgrade”, then alter your upgrade settings so that nothing is automatically installed.

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  1. It is very easy to undo Win10. On the first login it will ask you whether you accept the Win10 T&C. One just needs to click on ‘Decline’ and the previous OS is reverted within a few minutes.

    • Yup. Happened to us this AM and declined and reverted. Questions is; If Update 10 Downloaded – is it sitting “dormant” and will attempt another Update even if I’ve now chosen to monitor and approve all updates?

      • Yes it will. Go to for a free utility that disables the win10 upgrade as well as the pop ups for Windows 10

  2. It did it to me but did not allow me to reject it. I want it off my computer.God I HATE gates and his vile company.

  3. Guess they still don’t care about people in rural areas with capped home Internet (like 10GB/month). All these updates blow through that in no time. Ridiculous.

  4. I’ve seen this 3 times in the last few weeks, two in the last two days. Do the Gods who run Micro$oft understand that some people use their products to run businesses, not just consume social media and feed their cloud with tracking data?

    Last week a daycare center’s tracking PC (controls key code door lock, touch screen to clock in/out children and staff,security info for alternates allowed to pick up kids) auto-upgraded and broke the business. Broke networking to central DB from two other PCs for good measure.

    Yesterday a printing company found their primary shipping and billing PC upgraded – key apps don’t work on WIndows 10 as they don’t buy new specialized industrial-grade label printers every year!

    This morning a tanning salon was hard down, thanks again to M$ – no driver for the PLC that controls the activation of all the beds and no trained employee who could run the whole place manually.

    Does Micro$oft understand “NO means NO!” or are they overpaid frat boys?


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