New superfast G.Fast will put your current Internet speeds to shame

G.Fast can provide internet speeds of 750 megabits per second for both upload and download

Just imagine if you had blazing fast internet speeds to rival that of Google Fiber? It looks like thanks to the promise of G.Fast, a massive influx of internet speeds are going to be experienced by us in the future. Israeli chipmaker Sckipio announced a new G.Fast solution that can deliver both upload and download speeds at a massive 750 megabits per second. In comparison terms, that speeds is roughly 50 times faster than the broadband that you probably have running into your home right now.

However, even those internet speeds will appear obsolete to us because the next generation of chips that could come within another year will provide double that speed for both upload and download, at least that is the message that Sckipio is attempting to unveil to us. If our math’s is correct, then those speeds will equal 1.5 gigabits per second, making it much faster than anything that Google Fiber offers today.

Demonstrations of G.Fast have previously shown the technology to be capable of 750 megabit download speeds had upload speeds that were significantly slower. You have to be aware that equal upload and download speeds are becoming increasingly important, as new technologies require increasingly fast upload bandwidth.

For example, with 4K videos becoming the norm, such videos feature massive sizes, and uploading them onto the internet will obviously need a lot of speed to complete the operation in the shortest time span possible.

Sckipio has stated that the G.Fast technology will debut in the United States later this year and while it will not be available everywhere in the country immediately, Sckipio has said that a single phone company could roll it out to the entire country in just four years.

When we actually start to experience such speeds in our own homes, we will definitely look back and see how we believed that Google Fiber was the pinnacle of internet speeds for both downloading and uploading data and we will sit there and have a crack at it.

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