Nydeum Sense is a handy mouse that doubles as a keyboard too

This Nydeum Sense mouse will also double up as keyboard

A mouse that doubles as a keyboard might not sound as the greatest of ideas, but Nydeum Sense has decided to make the impossible possible. The product, which is available on Kickstarter, features a keyboard with a built-in trackpad or trackball. Creators of the Nydeum Sense has said the following regarding the functionality of the device:

“The perfected ergonomic input device of the future would have to allow for one-handed, wireless control.”


The creators have made this product for the sole purpose that you discard your keyboard. As for the typing function, they claim that you can swipe around three characters per second on the integrated touch surface once you’ve become accustomed to the Sense. Unfortunately, that is not even close to the speed of a regular typist. However, if you’re going to do some casual typing, then it is highly recommended that you purchase this, since placing a full-sized keyboard on your laptop sounds more discomforting.


If you’re still interested in purchase a Nydeum Sense, then unfortunately, you will not be able to do that right now because the creators have got to hit their $100,000 goal on Kickstarter first. However, Kickstarter is a place when you can make men with dreams who are short of funds, come true. All you have to do is pledge $80 and wait patiently for the Sense to ship.




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