Opera introduces free and unlimited VPN called Opera VPN for iOS devices

Here comes the Opera VPN for iPhone and iPad users absolutely free of cost!

After the company launched free VPN (virtual private network) service for its browser, Opera today launched its free VPN service for iOS devices. While the browser VPN is supposedly a limited version VPN, the free VPN for iPhone and iPad gives users unlimited access to secure private browsing.

The app has been named Opera VPN and it lets users view content that is usually inaccessible due to political or social constraints like in Pakistan where YouTube is banned. It will also allow iPhone owners from India to view around 800 websites which are banned by DoT.

Wondering how it works? Opera VPN, just like any other virtual private network, lets the user hide his or her actual location. It basically uses unique IP address that belongs to an entirely different geographic location from the one you are surfing from. You can currently pick from any of these five locations namely- United States, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and Germany.

Interested, you can download the Opera VPN for free from Apple iTunes Store here.

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