‘Coding With Chrome’ App is made to order for students to learn how to code

While there are numerous apps and online courses that are available these days that can teach students how to code, it is always good to be spoilt for choices. So, if you are a student or a beginner learning to code for the web, there is now an app called Coding with Chrome that will teach how to do it.

According to the description, “Coding with Chrome is a Beta Google project that provides a programming platform that works offline. Students are able to program in Blockly, Coffeescript, HTML, JS with output to Logo Turtle and/or connected toys (e.g. Sphero, Lego Mindstorms).” However, the app is still in the beta stages, so there are chances that it may have some twists to it. Other than that, it seems to work just fine.

The app breaks you away from the old boring days where programmers needed thick books to learn and code via plain interfaces like Notepad or DOS and rather concentrates on teaching students how to code via a visual interface. Coding with Chrome will be available for offline use also. So, if your education can continue, even if you don’t have an internet connection, notes the description.

The app is available for download for free. So, if you wish to know what it has to offer, can watch the video above to get an idea of what to expect, or can go to the Chrome Web Store for the download.


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