A Tesla Model S hacked to work with Amazon’s Echo

Someone hacked a Tesla Model S so that it could be summoned using voice commands

Do you know that you can pull a Tesla Model S or Model X out of a garage using only a voice command? Can’t believe it!

Well, that’s what Jason Goecke, the man behind the hack, did when he decided to connect his Tesla Model S to his Amazon Echo so as to enable him to take advantage of the Summon feature using voice commands. Summon is a feature in introduced in Tesla Model S and Model X that allows its owners to summon when the cars are already parked.

Goecko demonstrated this hack in a YouTube video, and described on Teslarati how he made this hat trick come together. By messing with a third-party Tesla application program interface (API), an Amazon Echo, and some cloud-based tech, Goecke was able to make it so that he could basically tell Echo’s Alexa to pull the car out, and it does it.

Also, the car responds to “KITT,” a fun little homage to Knight Rider.

“While Tesla has not released a public API for developers to date, that does not stop one from hacking on the car anyway,” he says.

You can check out the result of Goecke’s tampering below.

Certainly impressive, Goecke doesn’t have plans to keep the temporary feature active for long.

“A fun weekend project for sure,” Goecke writes, “but there are a lot of security issues to address before I leave this skill enabled on my Echo. Not least is the fact my kids could have a lot of fun asking the Tesla to pull in and out of the garage repeatedly while I am fast asleep.”

Goecke also wanted to make a statement to Tesla. He’s calling for the automaker to work with developers to open up the Tesla API.

“Tesla has built the beginnings of an excellent platform, but it will take a concerted effort to attract developers to build the apps that even Elon Musk hasn’t dreamed of (yet).”

He further added, “The real power of any cloud-connected platform, whether it be an iPhone or an amazing electric vehicle, may only be fully realized by building and encouraging a vibrant developer ecosystem.”

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