TeslaCrypt ransomware maker shuts shop, makes master key public

Ransomware maker of says sorry for TeslaCrypt, releases master key

The one cyber threat that is giving individuals as well as businesses nightmare is Ransomware. It not only makes you pay ransom but holds your data to ransom till the demands of the cyber criminals are not met. One such dreaded ransomware is TeslaCrypt.

However, there seems to be change of heart in the creator of TeslaCrypt. Not only is the developer sorry for all the havoc it has caused, he/she has also shut down the ransomware. The developer has also made the master key for TeslaCrypt public which means that anti-ransomware researchers could easily create a fool-proof decryption app, TeslaDecoder.

TeslaCrypt ransomware was unique in the sense it would hunt down and encrypt video games on your Windows PC. Till the time you paid the ransom, the TeslaCrypt would lock you out of your games. With the decrypter being available, many hard drives that were rendered useless by the malware are now available and almost every file can be accessed using the unlock system.

TeslaCrypt’s website was on the Tor network and now consists of a master key and an apology. Obviously the only real way to beat ransomware is to have regular backups but, barring that, this change of heart on the part of the developer is a heartening thing to see.

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