WhatsApp video calling arrives, here is how to get it

Here is how you can download WhatsApp video-calling APK

After months of being in news, video calling finally comes to WhatsApp. You can now video call your friends and relatives with WhatsApp;s new beta version No.2.16.80. However, since it is beta and available to only testers we are showing how you can get the APK ahead of everybody else.

You can download the beta version of WhatsApp video calling APK file from here. The beta version has the video calling feature live on it, but it isn’t functional just yet. The app is available to beta testers from Google Play’s beta testing program but you would be among the first ones to get it once WhatsApp decides to implement it.

Clicking on the call button now offers option for voice and video call. Since it has not been implemented globally, when you try to place a video call, the app will give a message saying “Couldn’t place call. Video calling is unavailable at this time.”

As said above, WhatsApp’s video-calling feature is one that has been anticipated for quite sometime now and looks to take on rivals like Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts which dominate video calling arena as of now. Other than the above two, the video-calling feature is also available on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, Viber.

WhatsApp video calling would a manna for its 1 billion plus users because it brings accessibility as well as security through encryption. The only question is whether WhatsApp will enable group calling feature in the video chats. Till then you can rest assured of a good quality video calling service from WhatsApp.

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