Windows 10 forces a gaming PC to update mid-game during a livestream to up to 130,000 followers

Earlier we had reported how a Windows 10 update popup rudely interrupted a live TV broadcast resulting in huge public outcry. This time Microsoft has gone one step further and become a villain in the eyes of 130,000 or so people. A gamer who was livestreaming his game to 130,000 followers was rudely interrupted when his PC started to install the Windows 10 update. If you have ever been forcefully stopped in middle of playing any game you would know the grief of the gamer as well the follower.

Ex-professional Counter Strike player turned full-time streamer Erik Flom was rudely interrupted mid-game and live on Twitch by Windows 10 automatically installing on his PC. His face in this GIF explains it all.

Exasperated Flom screamed at his PC just like any other gamer who was interrupted would, “What. What!? How did this happen! Fuck you Windows 10!” Flom screamed at the PC. “Oh my God! You had one job PC. We turned off everything. Update faster you fuck!”

Flom’s and his followers patience was worn thin by the speed of update but they were in for a bigger shock. As Windows 10 update was nearing completion, Flom and his followers were rejoicing but only to have their hopes dashed by a second installation countdown.

The whole lot was captured live on game video-streaming service Twitch through a video capture system, which remained operational while the gaming PC installed Windows 10.

Improper language, user discretion require

Watch live video from fl0m on

This is perhaps the first recorded instance of Windows 10 installing automatically while a user is actively using their PC, rather than giving them a option of updating at their convenience. Microsoft and Windows 10 made themselves villain in the eyes of 130,000 or so followers and Flom by forcing their update in the middle of a game.


  1. Why is anyone reputable using Windows 10 for a gaming PC anyway? Windows 7 is so much more stable, so much lighter leaving more memory and CPU for the game to use, and already proven solid platform.
    Who cares if Microsoft wants you to upgrade. Until they make something that doesn’t suck, Stay on what works!
    Some of you people are just hopeless.

    • Were you looking at a mirror when you wrote that last part?
      If you knew anything about using a computer you would know Windows 10 is more than stable enough to use as a gaming rig, it even performs better.

      I’ve been gaming, recording and streaming from my W10 rig for months without any problems, and I’ve made sure updates keep their distance until I say otherwise.

      Get down from your pedestal and educate yourself before talking down to others.

    • He “has had” Windows 7…. And suddenly Windows 10 installation started… Seriously? Pro gamer doesn’t know how to turn off Windows update ? Really?

    • wtf mate, did you understood anything at all about this story? the problem here is this guy is using win7 but out of nowhere and without any warning, his PC start to upgrade to win10. it’s fucked up and I would be piss of for sure so now imagine this guy when 130k people are watching him ^^

      • No No No he was already running 10 but he clearly didn’t update to a more recent build the earlier builds of 10 did force restart for updates but they shortly stopped that I have no changed any settings other then sharing my updates with other people so that my bandwidth does not get chewed up by uploading.

        But in seriousness this guys own fault he should learn to turn his computer off or restart it every once and a while when you click Start>Power> the menu that pops up says Restart “And Update” Shutdown “And Update” alerting you to the fact that updates are pending.

      • Nowhere near 130k. I’ve been a viewer for the last month, and he gets about 800 concurrent viewers. It will spike when he is doing a giveaway.


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