How To Brand Yourself At A Job Interview

5 tips to brand yourself during a job interview

Even if you have a good resume and good recommendation from industry reputed personalities, it is tough to find job these days. And if that’s not enough, you need to go through the dreadful interviews.

It is very important to sell yourself well, once you are seated in front of the interviewer. As a job applicant, you need to sell yourself as a brand to a potential employer, the same way a salesman would do to push you to buy that particular smartphone. Remember they are investing their trust and as a job applicant, you need to win over that trust for them to employ you for the job.

To crack an interview successfully, you need to know these 5 tips:

Know your task

Make a mission and visualize of your brand before going for an interview. You can talk of any good brand, Nestle, Red Bull or Pepsi; they are aware what brand sells. For example, Red Bull doesn’t sell the product directly, they sell you the energy. Similarly, you cannot directly sell yourself.

Tell your story

You should present your qualities expressively, in a way that makes the most powerful statement. For instance, take the hipster brand Paper Boats that sells fruit juices. They tell you stories and by the end of the story you subscribe to their plan. Be animated. Be enthusiastic. Most importantly, be trustworthy, says an industry expert.

Know who’s in front of you

You need to know your interviewer well just the way the brands know their audiences. In the age of Linkedin and Facebook, follow your employer/interviewer or HR if you know them. Know what their company exactly does and what job they are entitled to. Only when you know your buyers, then can you create a campaign.

Give them evidence

The interviewers need evidence no matter how much experience you have. Just don’t say, you are a good team player. To that add it that you were the captain of school football team and narrate a story of your victory. You can definitely narrate stories that are appropriate for your position.

Brand needs to match

Never join a company for the sake of working. Ensure that you know the company well and they know your value. At the time of interview, make your liking and willingness very clear. If you don’t connect with the brand, then it is a poor match.

If you follow these 5 tips, chances are that you may land that megabucks paying dream job with ease. If you dont, there is always the next time.

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Kavita Iyer
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