Developer wrecks his Companies IT system because he was laid off

Sysadmin wreaks Agilent’s IT system because he was laid off, gets 10 years imprisonment

A few days back we reported how a programmer created a auto work bot to escape work for Six years during which time he surfed, played Outcast, Reddited and did everything but work. The irony at the end of it all was that after six years of doing nothing the programmer forgot how to code and now he is left without a job.

Another developer did something similar, but for different reasons. Meet Kenneth Kezeor, this 47 year old programmer worked for Varian which was later bought by Agilent. Two years later, as a part of cost cutting exercise, Agilent laid off Kezeor and several others in a general staff reduction.

Kezeor did not take lightly to this news of being laid off and decided to do something about it. He spent next four months to screw Agilent’s IT system before being caught. Kezeor used his earlier sysadmin access to “impair the availability and integrity of data, programs, systems, or information” according to the DoJ website.

Not only that, he used his colleagues access account to further damage Agilent’s customer support app dealing a huge PR blow to it.

Luckily for Agilent, Kezeor was caught during one of his screw up jaunts. He has now pleaded guilty to intentionally damaging the company’s systems after he was laid off.

He was indicted in 2014 and charged with one count of intentional transmission causing damage to a protected computer, and one count of intentional access to a protected computer recklessly causing damage. He was subsequently also charged with aggravated identity theft.

Kezeor entered a plea bargain deal with Department of Justice and as a part of the deal he plead guilty to single count of intentional transmission. He is currently free on bond and scheduled to be sentenced in September. He faces a maximum 10 years in jail and $250,000 fine.

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