Facebook to delete a secret group of photos from your FB Profile, here’s how to keep them

Facebook will soon be deleting a secret group of photos from your profile soon

Facebook is about to delete a group of photos on your account that you might have forgotten about — or not even known were there.

Did you know about a group of photos which are currently live in the private “Synced” or “Synced from Phone” section of your Facebook photos? Facebook is now going to delete these top secret photos which even the Facebook user did not know.

These secret group of photos existed since 2012 in your FB profile but you probably didnt know about it or forgot about it. In 2012, Facebook launched an optional photo syncing feature that automatically uploaded your phone’s photos to a private album. The company wanted to make it easy for you to share those photos online at a later date.
However, Facebook’s plane to offer you photo-syncing fell apart when it launched a standalone Moments app for the same. Facebook began phasing out the photo-sync feature late last year in order to encourage people to download and use its Moments app.

Now, Facebook has decided to delete any photos that were previously in a Synced folder unless users download and log into Moments to transfer them before July 7.

Users who don’t want to use Moments but want to save their photos can download the files right now on their computer.

Facebook launched Moments standalone App for FB users in June 2015 to help users performs a similar auto-syncing function. The app also scans your your mobile photos to identify faces and match them to your Facebook friends. Moments also groups photos by events so that you can share them directly with the people who are tagged.

If you didnt know such photos existed on your Facebook profile, go here and relive your past.

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