Firefox And Chrome Users More Committed At Work Than Safari or IE

Users of Google’s Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser are more committed to work than Apple’s Safari users

While there is a constant argument over which web browser is the best, a new study reveals that your browser choice may say more about work habits.

Apple fanboys wont like what a new research has to say but it seems that only those who are committed to work use Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. The idle people of the world use Apple’s Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

According to a new book called Originals: How Non Confirmists Move the World by Adam Grant, Firefox and Google Chrome users are more dedicated to their jobs than those who select Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari. In other words, Firefox and Chrome browser users are more likely to remain in their jobs than those who use Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari browser.

Grant, used research led by Michael Housman, which looked at 30,000 customer service agents in order to determine their level of commitment to their job. Housman suspected that the workers’ employment histories would give the biggest indication of their job commitment.

According to the research, which also involved looking at the internet browsers that each employee used, Housman found that employees who used Firefox or Google Chrome to browse the web remained in their jobs 15 percent longer than those who used Internet Explorer of Safari. The research also showed that Firefox and Chrome users were 19 percent less likely to miss work than internet Explorer and Safari users.

Results also showed that choice of browser had an influence on their performance.

The Firefox and Chrome users had considerably higher sales, and their call times were shorter. Their customers were happier too – 90 days from starting their job, the Firefox and Chrome users had customer satisfaction levels that Internet Explorer and Safari users reached only after 120 days at work.

According to Grant, the browser preference also tells a lot about the habits of the employees. Internet Explorer is the default browser on PC, while the computer comes pre-installed with Safari on a Mac. However, in spite of these default browsers, those actually who make the effort to download a Chrome or a Firefox browser exhibit resourcefulness and shows initiative that converts to the employee’s work principle, said Grant.

Housman said: “I think that the fact that you took the time to install Firefox on your computer shows us something about you. It shows that you’re someone who is an informed consumer.

“You’ve made an active choice to do something that wasn’t default.”

According to NetMarketShare, Chrome is the most commonly used browser with 41.6 percent of the market share followed closely by Internet Explorer which has 41.3 percent market share. Firefox comes in third at 9.76 percent, followed by Safari at 4.91 percent market share.

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