This game lets you operate on Donald Trump’s insides

‘Surgeon Simulator’ Now Allows You To Operate On Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator, have decided to celebrate the game’s anniversary with a special, albeit dark, add on by incorporating the presidential candidate ‘Donald Trump’ into the game. The computer game allows gamers to perform heart surgery on Donald Trump and decide whether he has a heart of stone or gold.

For those unfamiliar, “Surgeon Simulator” lets players operate on people as surgeons would normally do in real life. The update to Surgeon Simulator was released on to the online gaming platform Steam on June 2, 2016.


Players will find themselves inside an operating room, much like a hospital’s, and see Trump on the operating table. A heart transplant will be the goal and players must use the available items in order to pull it off. Some of these items are Trump Vodka, Trump Steak and a makeup kit. However, Gamespot notes that only players who are members of Club Bossa are allowed access to the makeup kit. At the end, players win the game by successfully giving the Republican front runner a heart transplant

Since the update has launched, almost 80,000 surgeries on the republican have been done, although the success rate of the operations was under 25 percent. Over 10,000 players gave Trump a heart of stone, while over 7,000 players gave the billionaire a gold heart. So far, the in-game cost of surgeries already totalled over $46 billion.

Richard Earl from Bossa Studios said that game was designed to allow their fans to express their views on one of the most discussed politicians in the world.

“Since our initial launch of Surgeon Simulator in 2013, this Donald Trump update has been our most popular so far.” The game was released on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Android.

Many fans asked on the company’s Facebook page, if there would be further updates to include Democratic candidates or British politicians.

‘It’s been exciting to start with Trump,” Earl said, “but we haven’t yet made any decision on whether or not to include other politicians such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.’

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