Top 10 highest-paying job profiles in tech sector for 2016

10 Highest-Paying Job Titles In The Technology Industry In 2016

The technology industry is widely considered as one of the best-paying industry world over, as there is an exceptional demand for people with technical skills. However, not all skillsets are treated equally.

Recently, U.S. based StackFlow, one of the world’s largest online community for programmers, released 2016 Developer Hiring Landscape. The annual developer survey that received over 50,000 responses from 173 countries looked across industry segments ranging from software development and web services to more traditional sectors like manufacturing, defense, automotive, and aerospace to find out most desirable job titles in the technology industry.

If you are looking to make six figures in the tech world, then these are the 10 highest-paying job titles in the technology industry in the U.S.

1. Executive VP (tech), CTO or CIO

Topping the job title list is Executive VP (Vice President), CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer). Usually at the top of the tech ladder, the men/women holding these job titles earn an average annual salary of $150,314.

2. Engineering manager

Engineering managers, in charge of teams of developers and programmers earn an annual salary of $143,122 in the U.S.

3. Enterprise level services developer

These guys are usually the ones who make software for the big businesses. As a result, the enterprise level services developers command big money. If you can develop software explicitly for a big business audience, the average annual salary for such a job title is $121,908 in the U.S.

4. Mobile Developer, iOS

While Android may be the most popular operating system in the world, developers working on the iOS operating system powering idevices such as iPhone and iPad are much in demand. According to the Stackflow survey, the annual average salary of iPhone app developers is $115,460.

5. Data Scientist

Data scientist is the latest ‘in’ thing in tech sector and is widely hyped to be one of the hottest job titles of 2016. These big data crunchers can earn an average annual salary of $115,244.

6. Developer with statistics or mathematics background

Developers with backgrounds in statistics or mathematics too have high demand in the U.S. with their annual salary at $111,656.

7. Embedded application developer

Embedded applications are going universal. Embedded application developers work on high-reliability, high-security, high-expectation software that goes directly into devices like voting machines, smart stethoscopes, and even cars like Tesla’s. With IoT a rage world over, there’s little surprise that embedded application developers command high salaries. According to the survey, the average annual salary of an embedded application developer is $110,899.

8. DevOps

‘DevOps’ is a relatively new term that combines ‘developer’ and ‘operations’. The responsibilities can be vague, but generally focus on helping build and maintain next-generation apps on innovative cloud computing platforms. The last few years has seen an increase in demand for people with DevOps skills. According to the survey, a DevOps pro can make $109,640 a year.

9. Back-End Web Developers

The back end of a website comprises server, applications, database and more. Specialists in back-end web development, a technically demanding role are the guys who have the specialized knowledge of the plumbing that makes websites work. The average salary of back-end web developers is $108,580, according to the survey.

10. Mobile Developers

Since the rise of smartphones, mobile developers have been named as the hottest job title by several surveys. Mobile developers for operating systems like Google’s Android make a little bit more. StackFlow survey pegs the annual salary earned by mobile developers at $104,648.

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