Black Man Creates GoFundMe So That Racists Can Send Him Back To Africa

Currently, with the whole world in mayhem over various levels of racism, it appears as if the “Go back to Africa” sentiment has become a popular saying among racist people.

And now one man created his GoFundMe page on Friday to give racists the opportunity to really send him “back” to Africa.

The person in question is Larry Mitchell, of Kokomo, Indiana, who wants people to donate to his GoFundMe page so that they can send him back to Africa.

“Send me ‘back’ to Africa fund … If you want me to go back to Africa I will gladly go … you can help make your dream and mine come true … accepting all donations … KKK, Skin Heads and anyone else with like mind thinking are welcome to donate … Thank you.. God bless you and America … #putyourmoneywhereyourhateis,” Mitchell states on the page.

Mitchell told the New York Daily News that while he sought for $100,000 for an African trip, he has not decided which country he would actually go to, in case he achieves his goal.

According to Mitchell, after the recent shooting deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, the constant stream of racially-charged hateful messages made him start the funding campaign.

“It kind of shocked me, because we just celebrated Fourth of July and to come back the next week and see people saying ‘Go Back to Africa,’” the 41-year old driver said. “If you want me to go ‘back’ to Africa, then pay for it.”

The crowd-sourcing campaign with barely a week of being started has so far received donations from more than 50 people who have contributed almost $800 to the GoFundMe. However, most of the people who donated money are not the “racists” Mitchell thought would donate. The donations came with amusing words of support from the donors.

His biggest donor, Kandy Morrell said she gave $100, “Just because every black person should visit Africa. I’ve been there 8 times. Hope you make it. Welcome home.”

Flag-bearing David Jacobson said his donation is a statement of support: “Fellow citizen, please do with this money what you will. I hope you spend it here, but if you choose to visit another land that’s ok too. Screw the bigots, I think this is both hilarious and thought-provoking, and I am un-ironically donating not because I want you to leave, but because I want you to stay,” he said.

Similarly, Carla T jumped to Mitchell’s support, writing, “Mr. Mitchell, I am not donating out of hate, or to send you away. But I am donating because I just spent a month traveling through Africa, and found the most wonderful, loving, warm and generous humans I have ever met. I wish you the best making your dreams come true, and I hope that you find goodwill here in the US, as well.”

But not all messages were of support. Someone named “fedup whiteguy” left $45 and told him, “You better not come back.”

“Where are all you people at? I constantly read comments online from thousands of people saying they will gladly pay the way back to Africa. $25 in 5 days is all? Put your money where your mouths are. No wonder he wants to go you cannot even trust white people to commit to their hate,” a white guy named Roy Sisson wrote.

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
An individual, optimist, homemaker, foodie, a die hard cricket fan and most importantly one who believes in Being Human!!!


  1. It’s much better to go back, than to become crazy black that mocks black!
    Like some stupid journalist the other day on “Vice” channel. She’s black and was in Africa making some interviews with indigenous people about woman – man relationships.
    She was making fun of them like she’s not black! Pathetic! Like her skin came from sun exposure!


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