Hackers leak 790,000 private messages from Muslim Match dating website

Muslim Match dating site hacked, hackers leak data of 150,000 users and 790,000 private messages

Dating website Muslim Match was hacked by unknown hackers who leaked personal identifiable information of over 150,000 users including their names and email credentials. The hackers also leaked 790,000 private and confidential messages sent by Muslim Match users to one another.

Security researcher Troy Hunt broke news of the breach to Motherboard, and posted data from the leak to his breach notification site Have I Been Pwned?.

Though not offensive as the adultery website, Ashley Madison leak, the Muslim Match data leak can also impact many users relationships. “These private messages cover a range of subjects from religious discussion and small talk to marriage proposals,” Vice’s Motherboard website reports.

Muslim Match’s majority users were Islamic adherents and belonged to United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan. The leaked credentials include information such as whether the user is a convert, their employment, living and marital status, and whether they would consider polygamy.

The leak also contains logged IP addresses and poorly hashed MD5 passwords besides Skype handles of some Muslim Match users.

Muslim Match is shut down for the month of Ramadan and has not commented on the data breach.

Dating and matchmaking websites seem to be a popular target for hackers. We have had a data breach at the racist dating website called Beautiful People while hackers stole a whopping 60GB data from Ashley Madison hack attack.

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