Nokia P1 Android smartphone: All That’s Known About the Nokia’s Secret Upcoming Phone

Nokia P1 Android smartphone, will it be tough like Nokia 3310?

The yesteryears smartphone king, Nokia was in News recently for its upcoming Android smartphone, Nokia P1.  We all know Nokia for its tough and rugged mobiles like 3310 and Express Music and judging by the interest shown in Nokia P1, people are awaiting the Finnish smartphone maker’s Android foray eagerly.

Once, the largest mobile phone seller by a distance, Nokia fell to the wayside after the emergence of Android smartphones and iPhone. Nokia’s inability to  adapt to Android and the lack of success for its S60 operating system meant that it was a ripe takeover candidate. And that it what happened in 2014 when Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile business for a whopping $7.6 billion.

What happened after that is a true sob story. Like a true corporate raider, Microsoft stripped Nokia smartphones of its iconic label and renamed them Lumia smartphones. It further stripped Nokia’s patents and used them for its own gains. When nothing was left to salvage, Microsoft took a $7.6 billion writedown on its balance sheets last year and forgot about Nokia.

But apparently, those who remember Nokia’s tough and rugged smartphones and the erstwhile Nokia fanboys club did not. As soon as the Nokia P1 press renders hit the News, there was a dizzy search for images and news about Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphone. Our readers also joined the fray and shot in hundreds of emails to us asking details about Nokia P1. Here is our attempt to tell you all that we know about Nokia Android smartphone.

All about Nokia’s Android smartphone

Nokia is returning to smartphone production in collaboration with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Foxconn. The Nokia-Foxconn deal was announced in May 2016 through which Foxconn will manufacture Nokia’s Android smartphones. Foxconn also purchased Sharp a few months ago, which may give an explanation as to why the image could be the same as the Sharp Aquos 1. It looks  like Sharp Aquos P1 will be rebranded as the Nokia P1 for launch in Europe in October but there is no verifiable news about this.

Nokia P1 Specifications

Nokia P1 Android smartphone will have the same set of specs as Sharp Aquos 1. According to reports, Nokia P1 will have a 5.3-inch FHD resolution IGZO panel for display. It will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 processor running on 3GB RAM and will have 32GB of expandable storage. The Nokia’s first foray into Android smartphones will carry its signature big camera and feature a 22.6MP primary camera with an f/1.9 aperture. The whole setup will be powered by a solid  3,000mAh battery. Nokia P1 will have IP58 dust-proof body of water repellent and fast-charge support.

The Nokia P1 Android smartphone make a mouthwatering spec list for Android smartphone buyers. Given Nokia’s history we can expect a rugged and tough smartphone which can withstand the everyday fall, grime, dust and the coffee spills our current Android smartphones aren’t capable of enduring. The only smartphone that comes close to withstanding our day to day assault is the Moto X Android smartphone, but that smartphone hasn’s clicked the way it should have.

It is however requested to take the above news with a pinch of salt because this is not the first time when the Nokia Android smartphone has been leaked. Earlier, there was news of Nokia C1 coming in both variants Android and Windows which ultimately proved to be false. Even the ever reliable GSMArena brought out a specifications list for Nokia C1 only to disappoint. If you are planning to buy a new Android smartphone in the upcoming holiday season, it will do you a world of good to wait till Nokia P1 Android smartphone is launched. Be assured, once Nokia P1 comes to the market, it won’t disappoint you.

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