Passenger carrying a gun-shaped phone case stopped at Stansted Airport

Security alert at airport as passenger carries a gun-shaped phone case

It has been revealed that a hapless air passenger sparked a police alert at Stansted Airport who was stopped by the Essex Police for carrying a handgun-shaped iPhone case. The man was arrested and is now facing charges that could in the end bring him a hefty fine or even some quality time in prison.

The police at the airport stopped the man this morning after spotting the black realistic case. They carried out a further search and inspection of the realistic looking gun iPhone case.

Officers took to Twitter to highlight the idiocy of the man’s actions and also tweeted that they could charge the man under a section 5 Public Order offence. They also warned that anyone else who might want to walk into an airport carrying a gun-shaped anything that this “makes it much less likely you’ll catch your plan.”

Essex Police tweeted a picture of the case sticking from another person’s back pocket, explaining the potential alarm carrying such an item through an airport could cause.

A police spokesman said: “Essex Police was informed by Stansted Airport security staff that they had dealt with this incident during routine screening of passenger carry-on bags and possessions.”

The force has issued advice to ensure passengers pass through security checks as quickly as possible.

The spokesman added: “Travellers are asked to consider the types of item they bring to the airport as they could lead to extra security checks or delays and/or police involvement.”

“This could lead to them potentially missing their flight or not being allowed to travel.”

Authorities explained that airport police have “a split second decision to make” when seeing someone carrying an object that looks like a gun, so such a prank can have more serious consequences.

An hour later, they further tweeted photos of the black plastic case which even included a trigger and realistic indentations.

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