Pokémon Go offline, PoodleCorp claims DDoS attack

Pokémon Go down as it’s servers get hit by a DDoS attack

This was going to happen and it happened today. The world’s most popular game as of now, is undergoing a ferocious DDoS attack taking all its servers offline and leaving millions of Pokémon Go players in a lurch.

Since the release of Pokémon Go, the Pokémon Go servers have proven to be unreliable crashing nearly daily. Given the popularity of the game, the Pokémon Go servers require incredibly heavy maintenance and upkeep. However, today’s downtime was attributed to a DDoS attack.

Successful games have often been soft targets for hacking groups like Lizard Squad, SkidNP and others. Now an unknown called PoodleCorp has claimed the responsibility for the DDoS attack in a tweet.


The day started as normal for millions of Pokémon Go gamers and suddenly they found that they could not log into the game. In some case, Pokémon Go reported their games froze while other said that it took forever to load. Previously unknown hacking group, PoodleCorp sent out a tweet claiming DDoS attack which has not been confirmed either by Nintendo or by Niantic.

PoodleCorp is believed to be the same hacking group which hacked into H3H3Productions  and PewDiePie’s YouTube account a couple of days back. PoodleCorp has said that the Pokémon Go DDoS attack was just a test and we should expect something really big from them.


As of now it is not yet clear if the game was actually taken down or is just facing the usual server problems, we’ll keep you posted as we find out more. Hopefully, Niantic figures out a solution soon so we can get back to the game.

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