Use these keyboard shortcuts for faster Facebook navigation

These keyboard shortcuts will help you move around in Facebook on desktop with ease

If you are one of those guys who uses PC/laptop to go to Facebook, this post is for you. Facebook by itself has a complex user interface chiefly divided into Timeline, Chat etc. If you are an old user of PC/Laptop and enjoy using keyboard shortcuts like DOS, you will find these Facebook shortcuts interesting.

You will find that you can jump around the Facebook with ease using these keyboard shortcuts. To use them you have to press a key or two and a number which Facebook calls an access key. Facebook has been good enough to give access keys for all major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, though the keystrokes may differ from browser to browser.

Here we go with the keyboard shortcuts for Facebook

Windows :

For Chrome and Edge browsers press Alt + the number mentioned below to bring up the function

For Firefox : Alt + Shift + the number mentioned below to bring up the function

Apple Mac

For all browsers on Mac

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari: Control + Option +the number mentioned below to bring up the function

The Shortcuts

  • 1 — News Feed – On Windows PC if you are using Chrome or Edge Browser, press Alt + 1 on a Facebook web page and you will directly be taken to News Feed. If you are using Firefox Browser, press Alt + Shift + 1 to go directly to Facebook News Feed. Mac users using any browser should press Control-Option-1 to head to the top of your News Feed
  • 2 — Your Timeline
  • 3 — Friends
  • 4 — Inbox
  • 5 — Notifications
  • 6 — Settings
  • 7 — Activity Log
  • 8 — About
  • 9 — Terms
  • 0 — Help

Facebook has been further gracious in giving a number of shortcuts to help you navigate your News Feed. Here are the keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate your Facebook News Feed with ease :

  • J — move to next story in feed
  • K — move to the previous story in feed
  • L — like or unlike the selected story
  • C — comment on selected story
  • S — share selected story
  • O — open image or link of the selected story
  • Esc — close image and return to News Feed
  • P — post a new status
  • / — search
  • Q — search chat contacts


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