Watch how security researchers hacked a surgical robot using Ubuntu Linux

The power of Linux! Linux operating system was developed as an open source alternative to Microsoft’s popular yet closed Windows operating system. After being released in 1991, Linux has come a long way to powering drones and even destroyers.

Now, security researchers used the Ubuntu, a popular Linux distro to hack a surgical robot using ROS.

“In the future, your surgeon could be a machine. Teleoperated surgical robots can be controlled from a distance to operate on patients in hard-to-reach places. But as information travels between a human on one side of the world and a robot on the other, it’s vulnerable to attack,” reads the description of the video.

The researchers used Ubuntu Desktop variant to control and monitor the teleoperated surgical robots using the Raven II open-source surgical robot platform and the Robot Operating System (ROS).

The video was created by Motherboard under its series called “Can I Hack It?” with collaboration of the highly acclaimed Mr. Robot TV show on Amazon Prime. In the first episode, researchers from the University of Washington attempt to hack a remote operated surgical robot.