You have only 3 weeks left to update to Windows 10 for free

We have cursed Microsoft for its Windows 10 for different reasons like snooping on us or forcing the Windows 10 upgrades down Windows 7/8.1 users throat. But there is no option to upgrade to Windows 10 unless you want unsupported Windows software on your PC/lappy. In near future, Microsoft will stop giving security updates for Windows 7./8.1 just like it ditched Windows XP which still used by many users including thousands of obsolete ATMs.

Many of you may believe that it is better to stick to Windows 7 but the fact remains. Without security updates, any OS is a sitting bait for hackers and cyber criminals. Also, Windows 10 is pretty awesome. The mistakes Microsoft did with Windows 8.1, it undid with Windows 10. First and foremost, Redmond listened to Windows customers recommendations and complaints. If you think Windows 8.1 was Microsoft’s bad karma, Windows 10 is surprisingly refreshing and if you ever plan to update to Windows 10, now is the time to do it.

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Reasons Upgrade to Windows 10:

  • Speed

Faster startup. It has a fast-booting operating system if we compared to windows 8.1 or 7. On the other hand speed boost, mostly aimed at gamers will come from DirectX 12.

  • Startup Menu

As there were loud voices in the tech community for the return of start menu. Finally, it was replaced by the start screen in windows 8.

  • Cortana

It is always good to talk about the technology. If you have used Siri or her friend Google, then you must know that how much fun it is to talk about the technology.

  • A better browser

Microsoft edge is a better and improved browser than available in previous OS. That means improved compatibility and speed, and add a few helpful new capabilities like webpage markup and reading mode.

  • Security

This feature is inherited from the windows 8.1 i.e. Security boot feature. And they have made it even more secure. Three new security feature for Windows 10 are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, which you can read about on the Windows for Your Business blog.

  • Snapping

A simple screen will allow the snapping of up to four apps.

  • Universal Apps

So if you are a user of windows 7 then you have not accessed to this feature. Universal Windows feature open up apps from the Window’s store in the format of the desktop program.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

  • Less free storage

Windows 10 is a worthy upgrade but it requires a lot of space on your machine. So after doing some research I found one thing that after installing windows 10 the previous version of OS is still lingering in the background taking up space more than required. Your older version of windows doesn’t disappear into the air. This is going by the name of ‘windows.old’.

  • Privacy

As I am not a fan of sharing my things or data  with others.  After doing some digging I found some data sharing defaults in windows 10. So I recommend all users to review this problem. Use the start menu and search for setting app and click privacy in it. When you opened this you will see in the left-hand pane, you will see many areas in which your machine is sharing data. Kindly spend time on this so that you may know in which things/data  you are comfortable sharing with others.

  • No downgrade

Another problem I faced is no downgrade is available in this OS one month later after the upgrade.

  • Data loss

This is the biggest problem you will face in windows 10. If you have important files music/videos stored somewhere in drive C data would be lost. Other data would also be lost from your PC but mainly from the C drive.

  • No system restore

Initially, the system restore option is not available by default. You could turn this option on but this is a long procedure and it is a time taking one.

  • Cannot play a DVD

It does not come with an app to play DVD on. So to play movies you have to use VLC or other players.

  • Compatibility

Some software and hardware are not compatible with windows 10.

Hidden features of windows 10:

  • Print to PDF

If you are stuck with old technique of printing PDF files. You have to use always the third party to print this kind of format. Yes there is good news now there is a feature available now in windows 10 you can print a document as PDF.

  • Schedule Windows update

You can schedule the restarts to install updates. And this is one of the best features available as it is very convenient to manage your schedule.

  • Xbox streaming

You can use windows 10 to stream Xbox one games locally on your PC.

  • Storage sense

It tells you how much space is occupied by different contents and the interesting part is that it provides solution.

  • Adjustable startup menu

User can drag around the margins according to their liking and easiness.

  • Record games and app videos

In the windows 10, you can also record your games and videos using a feature Game DVR function.

Three weeks from today will be the last day you’ll be able to download Microsoft’s big Windows 10 upgrade for free. After that date, Windows 10 is going to be a golden goose for Microsoft and a $199 bill for you. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait for the last minute to install the update.

If you are yo yoing between keeping your Windows 7/8.1 and upgrading to Windows 10, now’s the time to bite the bullet and upgrade your PC/lappy. It really couldn’t be easier. Make sure your PC is plugged in if it’s a laptop and then head to this page on Microsoft’s website. There, you’ll be able to run a quick check to see if your PC is eligible for the update — it almost certainly will be as long as you’re running a licensed version of Windows — and your download will begin. Once it’s downloaded, the installer takes care of the rest.

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