Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone explodes while charging (Caught on camera)

Xiaomi Mi4i Explodes While In Use At An Office (Video)

News of smartphone battery exploding while charging or regular usage due to some hardware defect is not uncommon. Therefore, it was no surprise when the news of a smartphone exploding yet again while charging came up. However, what was indeed quite concerning to see was how such incidents can happen from time to time.

Last week, Xiaomi’s Mi4i was the center of concerns after a user reported his handset exploding horribly. In a terrifying CCTV footage shared by Ajay Raj Negi on Xiaomi’s Mi Mobile Facebook page, one can see his smartphone under charge catching fire and exploding into pieces while he was comfortably using it in his office.


According to Negi, he had kept his Xiaomi Mi4i under charging as he normally does every day. The device happened to catch fire while Negi was using the smartphone when it was charging. The video shows the moment when he realised it, he immediately got away and alerted others around him of the approaching fire. As you can see from the attached video itself, this wasn’t a normal case and could have done terrible damage to Negi if he had been not paying attention. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this case.

Negi, who has been using the smartphone since last May has asked Xiaomi to give him an explanation behind the device catching fire. Generally, such incidences of battery explosions occur when you are using a non-authorised charger or you are using a third party non-authorised battery inside your smartphone. However, since the Xiaomi Mi4i battery is non-removable, it certainly asks for an explanation from the Chinese phonemaker for the reason behind the fire.

This is not the first time a Xiaomi’s device has caught fire. Previously, a similar incident was reported back in 2013 as well.

When TechPP reached out to Xiaomi’s team asking about the steps taken to ensure future safety, a Xiaomi India spokesperson stated, “We take such matters seriously and we have already been investigating the matter. We have been in touch with the customer and will be getting his device this week to do further investigation. In the meantime, we have offered a replacement phone to the customer.”

As a cautionary advice to all our readers out there, please “don’t use your smartphone while it is charging”.

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