5 Phone Charging Myths You Thought Were Real!!!

5 Myths About Phone Charging Debunked

Almost everyone has a smartphone today, which is used by majority of us to access our social media accounts, e-mail, mobile games, news, and much more that can be used anywhere or anytime we need it. In such a scenario, it can become nightmarish at times when your smartphone’s battery suddenly goes off when you need it the most. As a result, charging of the smartphones regularly on a daily basis has become a necessity to keep the devices running. Also, it becomes even more important to understand how to take care of your smartphone battery and extend its life!

However, there are a lot of myths that surround charging of smartphones such as, “don’t use your phone while it’s charging,” “always let it die completely”, “don’t leave it plugged in overnight” and much more.

While smartphone batteries have evolved so much over the years, making them smarter and easier to manage, the myth behind smartphone charging doesn’t subside.

In this article, we bring to you the truth behind five major phone charging myths.

Myth 1: Don’t use your smartphone while it’s on charge
Truth: You can use your smartphone while it’s on charge, as long as you’re using a quality charger that’s in good condition. In other words, as long as you’re not using a sketchy third-party charger, you can use it all you want. If you’re using the manufacturer-approved charger and battery, you should be fine.

Myth 2: Using non-brand or off-brand chargers will destroy your smartphone battery
Truth: To an extent! While non-brand or white-label brands are good, it’s the inexpensive knockoff chargers that you must avoid at all costs. The bottom line is that if the charger is sold in a reputable store, then it’s safe (all non-brand chargers are approved by a governing body). Please note that while off-brand chargers are obviously not as good as the official thing, but it works just fine. However, knockoffs hardly even get the job done.

Myth 3: Don’t leave your smartphone charging all night, as it kills the battery
Truth: Your smartphone is smarter than you think. Once it’s fully charged it stops charging. That means the battery isn’t even in use at all. Your battery life will last longer if you keep your smartphone charged between 40% and 80%.

Myth 4: Switching your smartphone off is good for your battery
Truth: Even machine need breaks like humans. In order to maximize battery life, experts agree that turning your smartphone off at least once a week help preserves your smartphone battery, especially when you go to bed at night.

Myth 5: Don’t charge your smartphone until it’s completely dead
Truth: Waiting until your smartphone is dead before recharging is called a ‘deep charge,’ which is actually bad for your battery. Instead, charge your battery as it reaches 40%. Your battery has a finite number of charge cycles, and every time it completely dies, that’s another cycle out the window.

In addition to the above, also note that heat will ruin a battery. Lithium-ion batteries heat themselves, and get hotter while they’re being charged. Similarly, extreme cold weather conditions can also have a negative impact on a smartphone’s life, and a cold battery will die faster than usual in low temperatures.

Your smartphone will be safe if you keep it within its recommended temperatures; Samsung guarantees that its smartphones can function anywhere between -4 and 122 degrees. On the other hand, Apple says that 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest recommended temperature for an iPhone’s environment.

Techquickie has a pretty neat video that explains some of these myths in detail.

Source: Mashable

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