Apple paid $50 billion to iOS app developers in July

Why it pays to an iOS App developer! Apple’s App developers earned over $50 Billion In July

We have time and again written about how going ethical with coding is not only helpful to the society but also financially rewarding. We have already reported how it pays to be an ethical hacker. Now it turns out that if you are an iPhone app developer, you could end up being a millionaire. No, we are not lying, iOS app developers earned $50 billion in just one month!

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that App Store had earned more than $50 billion for developers in what has been a “record-breaker” July 2016 for the Silicon Valley giant.

He tweeted that Apple had generated the highest-ever monthly billings, as well as paid out the most money to developers in July compared to any other month since the birth of the App Store in 2008. However, the 55-year-old CEO chose to remain tight-lipped about the details pertaining to the revenue generated.

The popularity of Pokemon GO has been speculated to be the reason behind Apple’s “record-breaker” month. The game, which was launched on iOS and Android, last month in the U.S. and a number of other countries throughout the month has taken over the world and has shattered several records. The game, which has been downloaded an estimated 100 million times, is said to bring in $10 million in daily revenue in the iOS and Google Play app stores. Apple has already earned its rewards even if the Pokemon GO craze dies, say some reports.

In January this year, Apple announced in January that customers spent at least $1.1 billion on apps including in-app purchases. For every $1 that the customers spend in the App Store, Apple earns about 30 cents.

Cook said that the next 12 months will see revenue from Apple’s services category, (the App Store, iCloud, iTunes Store, and AppleCare), reach the “size of a Fortune 100 company.”

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