How Digital Networks Can Replace Business Intelligence

How machine learning and smart algorithms are giving brands and advertising edge

With everything on the internet it is almost impossible not to run into some form of digital advertising. Whether it’s being retargeted on YouTube, or ads covering your website, this billion dollar business is completely thriving. However, because of the success of digital media campaigns and advertising, the space has become overcrowded with digital networks acting as go betweens for brands who are looking to increase their name recognition, and ad companies who will design and launch the campaigns. Relying on Networks as intermediaries between ad agencies and brands, depletes valuable time and resources, and with an abundance of Networks all jockeying for position, it can be a treacherous path choosing the right one.

One way to avoid navigating this congested space is to avoid it altogether. Algorithms are playing a much larger role in today’s business world as many advertising and media companies are beginning to use machine and business intelligence analytics to separate themselves from their competitors. Having the ability to target all verticals and social media is key to run a successful ad campaign. With this new trend, brands can go directly to digital media providers and skip the networks all together. One company that is employing such strategy is Meme Global.

How machine learning and smart algorithms are giving brands and advertising edge

Meme Global is an easy to use self service platform that allows both professionals and novices alike to design comprehensive media campaigns. The company brings aspects of business intelligence and analytics into the world of digital media. Cutting out the middleman, Meme Global offers brands to design their own ad campaigns without having to navigate through networks. Their automated platform allows brands to design a complete advertising campaign and position them to save crucial time and resources. Meme Global’s new interface can help professionals to cut out the myriad number of intermediaries that drive up cost and inefficiency in the advertising space.

The company believes that it has developed a powerful new tool, called the “Brief Buster” that will help brands design comprehensive professional campaigns. Meme Global claims that the “Brief Buster” uses an advanced algorithm and business intelligence analytics to analyze campaigns that are live and provide key insights for competitors, and allowing them to reverse engineer any ad or media campaign. Meme Global is looking to change the landscape of digital media advertising.

“When creative has control over digital media, they can customize the ads and campaigns to be more effective,” says Brent Tollman, CEO of Meme Global Africa/SE Asia. “At Meme Global we use advanced and complicated algorithms, in order to simplify the lives of our clients, and help them maximize their campaigns. Reaching large audiences with creative and compelling media is a key component to successful campaigns, and Meme Global does this in a simple yet efficient way.”

Recently, Meme Video, a section of Meme Global was purchased by Somoto Inc. for $13 million. Somoto Network looks to help further monetize and generate traction for Meme Video’s published campaigns.

Meme Global is showing true potential when it comes to enhancing the world of digital media. However, challenging the status quo of digital media could prove difficult as many brands may be skeptical of tackling their own ad campaigns. It will be interesting to see if Meme Global has enough staying power to shift the way brands do business.


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