Catch Pokemon sitting on your Sofa with this new Pokemon Go hack for Android smartphone

New ‘Pokemon GO’ cheat for Android smartphone : You can catch Pokemon sitting on your sofa, no root required

If you are reading this article, it means that you are a Pokemon Go player or fan. A couple of days back we had written an article about a GPS cheat for iPhones and iPads. Now it is the turn of Android smartphone. Unlike the Pokemon Go GPS cheat which we gave for iOS which needed jailbroken iPhones, this cheat doesnt require you to root your Android smartphone.

This new hack was demonstrated by YouTuber, OfficialRebel on his YouTube Channel. OfficialRebel says that the new Pokemon Go hack doesn’t require rooted Android smartphone and works on all versions from Android 4.4 and up.

For the hack to work you have to download TuTuApp APK from here. Remember that you have to enable install from unknown sources in your setting to run this APK. Once it is downloaded, set the app permission so it can only view your location, phone, and storage. Disable the rest of the App permissions.

For further details watch his video below. OfficialRebel demonstrates each step including what to do when you receive a warning after the download. On a side note, the hacking app needs you to uninstall the Pokemon GO app first else it will not run.

The new hack given by OfficialRebel is pretty similar to jailbroken iOS cheat we had written about a few days ago. OfficialRebel advises Pokemon Go players using this hack to choose running speed instead of car speed because it is less likely to get banned.It also has teleport feature which allows the player to set the location of his choice.

The hack comes with a statutory warning that Niantic and Nintendo may ban you for using a cheat to play Pokemon Go. Also, downloading APK from untrusted sources is not recommended. Since the TuTuApp website is in Chinese, just click on Android image and download the APK. If you are not comfortable downloading it from a Chinese website, you can search for TuTuApp APK on Google.

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